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fandom_of_stars is an award community with a difference. Our awards are aimed more at the person than the creation or result if that makes any kind of sense! So everyone in the fandom, ALL FANDOMS are eligible.

Awards are judged by a panel who will decide who wins from the details you provide (Info on how to nominate below).

Here at fandom_of_stars we believe everyone nominated deserves an award, if you've made that kind of impression on someone you must be good! Unfortunately awards don't work like that so our panel has the unenviable task of picking the few of the nominated they feel are most deserving.

This is a fan run community for fun not profit.

Contact Us

Your mods are authoressnebula and mentalme85

During a round: any questions, problems, comments etc please email OR comment on one of our recent posts. We're here to help [fostars@ymail.com]

Any other time it's best to contact one of us directly by PM or our emails in our user-infos.

mentabula is our joint LJ for the purpose of posting nominee lists so we can both update them.

Round and Nomination details

Round #4:
Nomination periodJudging period
2nd Jan-31st Jan '098th Feb-6th Mar '09

Round #4 is here and judges are being recruited. If you are interested in judging please contact mentalme85.

Feel free to watch or join the community to stay posted.

Please click the buttons below (most importantly, the nominate button) to read the rules and nomination details before nominating, Thank you!

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Archive and Thanks

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Big Thank you to:

kazzy_cee and velvetwhip for assistance improving the community ready for round #2

sockmoneyhere for helping us decide on something important and everyone who has commented on a feedback post ^__^


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Round #4 Nomination form created at Response-o-matic, with thanks to kitty_alex

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